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1602, to be exact

Sunday 5/1/22

The C-Dawg has started to feel ill. Stuffed up, scratchy throat, significant aches. But, in typical C-Dawg fashion, I have also decided that I will not be sick, and am powering through liter upon liter of lemon water and have shoveled many Vitamin C tablets down my throat and, naturally, implored myself not to be a pussy, for there is too much to be done this week.

Ran 5000 stairs today, and walked eight miles. Did fifty push-ups.

At the last minute, F. Scott Fitzgerald decided that he wanted to change the name of The Great Gatsby to the musical-like—and musical-lite—Under the Red, White, and Blue, before deciding back again.

I am going through possibilities of titles for the second volume comprised entirely of stories featuring female narrators and/or protagonists, as I've been doing all weekend. I have excellent options.

Had a conversation tonight with someone about how wild it is--and all but impossible to believe--that the author of Meatheads is the author of There Is No Doubt.

I've figured out a lot of the structure and shape of the Billie Holiday book. I hope to get the relevant outline materials this week and I also may have two already completed books for them. I must mull.

I will compose a hockey op-ed in the morning.

This Red Sox team is embarrassing. They’re also 8 back in the loss column on May 1.

A baseball stat I think most longtime baseball fans would find surprising: Reggie Smith had a career OPS+ of 137.

Someone told me to get chia seeds. I did. I do not understand them. Do I sprinkle these fuckers on my yogurt? I also got pumpkin seeds, which I do understand. I like pumpkin seeds because I love autumn, and I like to think of autumn year round, and I also think that John Clare would eat them with me on a sylvan ramble and maybe will at some point in another world.

I feel like quite recently I was noting that we were at entry #1500 in these pages. We're over 1600 now.

I was off reading Ruskin, but it sounds like the Celtics were pretty easily handled this afternoon at the Garden. I kept checking the score and was mildly surprised that the Celtics' defense wasn't closing the gap.

I listen to Spoon's "Don't You Evah" a lot. Work hard this week. Total focus, matchless art, no mercy when we get there.

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