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Thursday 4/6/23

C: We talk about the kissable ass and the need to have one in order to advance now. Get anywhere.

C: But look at Matt Walsh. I told you to check out his Twitter.

C: He is more articulate than other people. He's dumb (he's crude and simple and arrogant in his thinking, which is all surface-level) and he's malevolent, but he looks smart to people

C: Smarter than they are. And they think that he is. They're not threatened by it, those who have elevated him. Being perceived as smarter almost always means you're done, unless you find some unprecedented way around that.

C: He's mean

C: Cruel

C: Confrontational

C: Rhetorically violent. Constant adverb-oriented hyperbole.

C: He's gotten rich doing nothing but peddling hate on social media. Even when he's right about something, he's hateful. His presentation is without exception hate-based. I don't think he could possibly be kind to anyone if he encountered them on the street. Not genuinely. I mean simple kindness. He'd post something mean about it later, even if he went through the motions of kindness because that was just easier. I don't think he could even say anything nice to someone.

C: But if you read the comments, he's worshiped in really sad, childish ways

C: People kiss his ass

C: Paint watercolors of him. As presents.

C: And then seek his approval

C: Reference his wife (who must have some serious issues of her own)

C: How lucky she is

C: Make the worst jokes to suck up

C: Do you know why that is?

C: Because he doesn't seem to have a very kissable ass. He's hateful, as I said

C: I'll tell you

C: He's two-dimensional

C: He's a cartoon character.

C: It's like commenting on Skeletor's page

C: And that is huge. You need to be a 2-D entity

C: A concept. Not a person

C: I am the most human human there has been.

C: My humanity is a great forest with marshes and bogs and mountains and valleys and snakes and swamps and birds and belts of evergreens. It's engulfing and real. Matt Walsh is a sentence in human form. He's a concept. He's not real to these people who do support and elevate him. He's more seven-word summary than living man to them. He doesn't create work that is itself living. They can hold what he is in their hand. Don't you see? Whereas I surround, engulf. You can't carry me in your pocket.

C: That's why the same people he'd shit on, whom he despises, whom he looks down on, who fund his lifestyle, who have made him rich for doing nothing, will kiss his ass. Somewhere in all of them, they also know that he's not really this brilliant, important thinker. Subconsciously they know. His thinking is also two-dimensional, so he's easy to agree with if you just want someone to reinforce the simple, one-sided things that you think. Side of the fence things, where it's all this, just like on the other side of the fence it's all that. So many people work this way on both the left and the right. You get half. One half or the other. You can make a lot of money with a half. You couldn't reach anyone else, and you're not really reaching those people on your side, because that's not really your function, that's not the role you play, that's not what your usage really is. Do you remember what a Pitchback was? You went in the backyard and you played catch with yourself by throwing the ball off of a stretched mesh net held in a metal frame. That's what we're talking. People make money--fortunes--by being the human Pitchback for either the the left or the right. No one wants to think. We're getting to a point where no one can think even if they wanted to, because they haven't thought--or thought productively--in so long and nothing in our culture, our world, encourages you to. You don't lack if you don't think. And people are so broken, so messed up, so weak, that thinking prevents them from having to deal with reality. Even their realities. But thinking is like running the stairs. If you are a fat blob, you can't run them. You have to start slow, build up, put in the effort. That's thinking. People are fat mental blobs. This is one of the main ways that money is made now if you're going to make a lot of it with words. Everyone just wants to be able to throw their ball and know it's coming back to them, like they're playing catch, but it's pretend catch, it's not real catch. Matt Walsh is a fold-up table. He's a substitute. Who is also a bully and a small man. No one wants the real thing. They want a shaving. It doesn't impinge upon them because, again, they don't really believe. It's more like dress-up Messiah. It's a game. It's Dungeons and Dragons at the level of the culture wars and that now means culture itself, society itself, because this is what culture and society is now all about. There is no one like I am. There is nothing that gets you ready for it, by which I mean the mind. You can't rationalize it away. It's a whole new experience--right away--from anything you've known or anyone you know. What happens? People are gone. They cannot hang in there with that. Seeing it and watching it work and witnessing what it puts forward. Because on the conscious and subconscious level, they know that this is for real. It's not a game. It's not two-dimensional. It's the one time it's for real, in this current world of ours. You're going to tell me it's all going to work out and be wonderful soon, and the stage is set for this person--me--to change this world. We'll hash it over tomorrow and the next day, and so on, but these are things I'm thinking about that I think are relevant.


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