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Monday 8/16/21

* Heard a man and a woman joking today about the people falling to their death off that plane in Afghanistan. "What did they think was going to happen? They could get in through the wheels and just get a seat on the plane that way?" Beastly.

* In less consequential matters: saw an interesting question in a baseball history group: Who would you rather have, Eddie Murray or Cal Ripken? The latter's streak is perhaps the most overrated record in sports and Murray was the better hitter, but the answer is Ripken. Not sure Murray ever hit as well as Ripken did in 1991--his second MVP year--and Ripken is rated by defensive WAR as one of the best fielders in baseball history. (Orioles infielders fare incredibly well by this metric.) His position gives him the edge. Having said that, his career OPS was lower than Carlton Fisk's, a catcher.

* In another baseball history group, someone posted a picture of Greg Luzinski, circa 1983. Really big guy--not athletic-looking (his nickname was the Bull), and certainly not by that point in his career (1984 would be his last year). The comments are so cruel. People are cruel. "Surprised he's not dead already." Can you imagine being like that? That's how you are, all day, every day? Many are.

* I have most of the follow-up to Meatheads all planned, if I had someone to do it for. Chad would be middle aged in this volume--forty-eight. He's married, has children. The time is now. The age of COVID, BLM, trans issues, masks, vaccines, Twitter mobs. It'd be called, More Than Legal: A Satirical (Short) Novel of a Middle-Aged Meathead. But I have to have a venue/publisher. And I don't right now. As with before, I could write the entire book in a week. In the 1930s, a woman named E.M. Delafield wrote a series about what she called a "provincial lady." It's the same character in these different settings and times of her life. In a way I'm doing a version of that, though with different methods and ends.

* Talked to the publisher of Scrooge about a timetable.

* I don't think anyone ever looked at Bobby Grich, Buddy Bell, and Graig Nettles while they were active and thought they were Hall of Famers, but by the metrics that now have so much traction, they probably are.

* I saw a guy coming out of the Golden Goose smoking a cigarette, mask pulled down, carrying a thirty-pack of beer. I don't get it. If you're a mask person, don't be a smoker person. A big drinker person. Don't they cancel each other out?

* Ran 3000 stairs today. Twenty-four days in a row of at least 3000.

* Came up with an idea for a baseball op-ed. Haven't pitched it yet.


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