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Wednesday 10/2/19

Have you noticed that the news is exactly three things: bad news, weather (which is nature, not news), sports (which are children's games, and not news). We take news to mean something different from the status quo or a neutral state. This says to me that the true news would be anything good. Right? That the nightly news broadcast would focus on anything decent, sane, honorable, selfless in this society. Those things are now newsworthy; a sighting of those things. Of course, you can't have this, because even more people, who are human trash, would try even harder to virtue signal, to make news, as it were. But the news is no longer news. It's just the same old. More of the same. More of the same is not news. It's vomited out, then people discuss it for an hour or two on Twitter, then it goes away. Before the next meal. It doesn't last longer than a day usually. Very little lasts more than a single bloody day now. Lasts in discussion, lasts in the news. It's as if nothing even exists anymore. But this thing that won't be discussed come the morrow, pulls such anger and hate out of people between those two meals, as if this is their greatest ever passion. They are overwrought, they cannot control how splenetic they are. But poof, then it's gone, forgotten, forgotten as much by them as the people who barely looked at it. They just tear into something else that is more or less the same. And also, by this definition, not really news.


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