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A few thoughts on the Jerod Mayo press conference

Wednesday 1/17/24

I heard a man in Jerod Mayo without a plan. Without a vision for how this team will play. At least not yet.

I also heard a man who took shot after shot at his former boss. I don't see what point this served. He sounded petty to me. But if he had a focus or objective in this opening press conference, it was taking those shots.

Lots of cliches. Lots of things that said nothing. And an analogy about gardening that made no sense.

The Krafts: These are hypocritical people.

Jonathan wasn't present because Robert said there was an important matter to tend to with one of their other businesses. This was a lie. He wasn't there because he's been made to look like a meddlesome, vindictive tool lately, in various reports, and dad Robert didn't want the distraction or embarrassment--Mr. Optics over here--so he sent the sixty-year-old lucky sperm boy away.

When asked why the Krafts didn't conduct, you know, an actual hiring process, Robert, despite saying that they always look to bring in the best people, said they like to keep it in the family. I guess Mayo is family. But either way, it's like answering, "We're people who put nepotism first." Super.

It's just an opening press conference and doesn't mean much. But, all the same, I still heard what I heard.

Here's something that I find interesting about Mayo, which no one else will bring up: The Patriots used to do a lot of winning. An awful lot of winning. And not once did they win a Super Bowl with Jerod Mayo.

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