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A lot of people

Thursday 2/1/24

Early. Cold. Lot of work to do today.

Pitched something on the Beatles. Something else on the Patriots.

Someone told me yesterday that I was the last person they'd come to for health advice. I thought that was funny. I said, "Who's the healthiest person you know?" And they replied, "You are, by far." I said, "So the last person you'd go to for health advice is the healthiest person you know? Seems like that might be your problem." They did say they would come to me for fitness advice, though. I know what they meant--they meant my Zulu approach, my theories on drinking your way to health, the scurvy-in-reverses, my hours, etc. I understand. I probably wouldn't be much use beyond suggesting stair running and not drinking alcohol. I also have a lot of areas in which I need to improve, too.

I was talking to someone else about the attractiveness of people. And how that's where things start and stop for so many, and then they're in this thing that is just this thing they're in for however long they're in it, or until they die. I am not like that and cannot be like that. It's impossible for me. I said that many people are attractive. It's not hard to find many people who are. I get it, many people don't take care of themselves and all of that. But there are a lot of people. What there are not a lot of are smart people. There are hardly any at all. Smart, good--I mean in terms of moral make-up--and attractive, and being either someone who grows or who is looking to, is the trick of it. It feels like one could locate ever last needle in every last haystack before one would encounter a single such person, especially now.

BC football coach Jeff Hafley left to be Green Bay's defensive coordinator. A dumb hire by the Packers. Did he trick you into hiring him?

My fitness efforts haven't been where they need to be of late. I must do better.

I'm listening to a lot of the five-part Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar episodes again. I've mentioned it before, but as I was listening to it earlier this morning, I'll mention this remark he makes to someone about justice. He says that he's learned that it's mostly just this word that people use without meaning it at all, and what they really want to do is simply win, by which he meant come out ahead with what's best for them with what are often ill-gotten gains in the name or under the guise of something else.


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