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A quick one before I'm away

Saturday 5/18/19

Quick one tonight because it is nearing 9 o'clock and I have yet to eat today and I must do so and get to bed and be up early to resume the fight in the morning. Today I walked three miles and climbed the Monument ten straight times. That I have to do this, to train, basically, to be able to endure what this war with this corrupt industry entails, is beyond the pale, but so much here is beyond the pale, and for now I continue to try, because it seems to me that so much is at stake. Not just for me. Not mostly for me. For the world, society, culture, art, truth. If you had seen photos of me from ten years ago, you'd see that I looked older then than I do now, and I was not close to this level of fitness. Took me about an hour to do the ten climbs today. That's a really good pace, even though my wind wasn't at its best today. Haven't shaved in a week.

At the Starbucks there is a barista who is always super-smiley when I come in and today she had her hair done quite differently so I told her that I thought it looked really nice. I was reading when Emma and her mom came in to pick up some drinks, so we ended up talking, of course. The other day on Downtown I did my first and only shout-out to date in over 100 radio appearances, which Kimball was nice enough to indulge me on. At the end you can hear me wish Emma a happy birthday (and I also called her by the nickname I gave her a long, long time ago before I knew her, because she was the loudest kid ever. So she was Baby Fucking Emma. This howling, sonic boom of a kid. AKA, BFE. Of course, now her own parents call her this, too, as they found it hilarious). So they heard that today for the first time and E's mom was very excited and texted me a few nice things and said that E exploded off the couch and was squirming with glee on the floor. So that was nice.

Okay. I have to go. Wait--I came up with a new story, too. Not that I have anywhere I can send it to. But it came to me while I was asleep last night. I'm still working it out. I have the two others that are well underway--I do lots of things simultaneously, of course--to finish and I expect both will be done this coming week, though, as I said, there is nothing I can do with them right now.


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