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A run-up to the first entry on here about Megan Sexton of Five Points

Thursday 12/15/22

Going about things a bit differently this time. Let's go backwards. Simple. I'm going to share a note that was a response to a letter I recently sent Megan Sexton, editor of the literary journal, Five Points. It wasn't a letter I wished to write. It's a letter I'll put up on here in full. That letter is going to reveal much. Say a lot of truths and reveal a large part of a story. Simply the letter alone. It will speak, as they say, for itself. Every point in this letter is undeniable and irrefutable.

What I'm then going to do is fill in background. Tie in what one will see as a network of cronyism, bigotry, and indefensibly poor writing--making that laughably poor writing. Favor trades. Bring in other examples of other instances of bad behavior and discrimination, with the relevant, interconnected parties, with Megan Sexton front and center. I make the impregnable case. Why is the case such? Because there are only facts and truths. No opinions, no theories. No emotion. Only the black and the white.

In every instance when I send someone like this a letter I don't want to send, which is a long time coming, there are many other readers of the letter. I don't do anything half-cocked. And there are plenty of other eyeballs on the text. This was what one of those readers had to say. They're seventy-years-old, a writer, a professor, and they've been around and seen much. I'll just put this here for now, and we'll get down to business soon enough.

It is a travesty that this needs to be written. Such shit is beyond my ken.

And this will tide you over as to just how bad the writing is in Five Points. This is billed as an essay by Sarah Gorham, who will soon have her first entry all to herself in these pages. She's the editor of Sarabande Books. You will love seeing what went down there. You can't hope to out-bigot her, if bigotry was something you were into and competitive bigotry was a sport; you could only tie her.

How bad is that writing? How do you write worse than that? Is it possible? And how do you think she got that in there? Gee. Do you think it's all because of cronyism and these people hooking each other up? Is the sun more plain in the sky than the reason for why work is included with these people? Bigots hooking up bigots. Always the same. What? You think she paid $3.25 for the privilege of uploading that dreck to the slush pile, where one reader after another kept sending it along because it was so amazing, and then it ended up at last with Megan Sexton, who thought it was some of the best writing in the world and so she selected it for inclusion? Come on. What's a bigger joke than these people?


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