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A text conversation about publishing

Thursday 9/30/21

J: Looking through all those posts from all those people, it's like a waste land out there in the land of the so called writer

J: Like zombies slopping around

C: I agree. Where were you looking?

J: Everything you sent me yesterday and then following links and going down a short rabbit hole it's fucking doomsday out there

C: Yeah. That's how I'd put it, too.

C: It's unrelentingly that. It's never different

J: Then the comments from these people on these posts holy fuck

C: You mean the taint licking?

J: Ugh

J: Pathetic

C: That's what they do all day. Not one of them has any ability. You can see why they'd hate me and everything I'm about.

J: I've said that--you're the guy pulling into the waste land in a fucking tank with the ability to clean up. They don't want that.

J: Expose

J: It's like AA they're all there to simply support one another

C: The support is everything

J: The world of publishing should be a club

C: It's to those people I come along with a letter about what I've just done in two weeks, and "Fitty," and it then goes how it always does.

C: Look at that woman from last night [Emily Lordi] and her endowed chair. She is an inept writer. And it's always the race grift. Maybe fifty publications in close to ten years, with half of them being in venues that aren't scholarly journals.

C: It's appalling how bad her writing is in the two samples I sent you with those Billie Holiday liner notes--she knows nothing about Holiday, too--and that New York Times piece

J: Some of the comments are saying she should be mad about her boss's approach

J: This is the world of people just getting shit for putting one foot in front of the other

C: I'm not sure if you considered this, but editors also signed off on that writing. You say choppy a bunch. Her writing is the definition of choppy. She has no ability at all. She is awful at putting words together. She also has no knowledge about any subject.

J: There's no way this woman could fail

J: Even though the entire system in reality is a failure

J: It goes down to the school even...

J: The teachers

C: Yes. Every level.

C: I feel like I'm doomed

C: That's my main feeling, I'd say

J: You're doomed currently. You are getting fucked at every pass, but it's going to change.

J: The things you're up against are like a food chain

J: You have the morons on top that are controlling everything, telling and taking from the people under them

J: And people just listen and never question. They go with what they're told is good even if they don't enjoy it they pretend to


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