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A weekend (mostly) in pictures

Monday 11/22/21

Yesterday marked 1967 days, or 281 weeks, without a drink of alcohol. On Saturday I ran 5000 stairs and yesterday I ran 3000. This is at a little island next to the Government Center stairs, where I will take a rest and leave a puddle of sweat such as what one sees here. One could walk by if they know what they are looking for and know that I have ran my stairs that morning.

Took a walk to see the Nova Scotia Christmas tree in the Common, which doesn't have lights yet and stands against a fall background.

Went to Boston College for the BC vs. Florida State football game.

Read this:

A reader sent me this about Sam Cooke: "I just finished your Sam Cooke 33 1/3 book and I loved it. It was amazing - powerful and emotional. Nothing else is like it."

Listened to Fresh Cream, the Dead at Wembley 4/8/72, Led Zeppelin II, Dylan's Before the Flood, Jimi Hendrix's Live at Monterey, the Smiths' Strangeways, Here We Come.

Wrote a 2000 word story but it needs work. Called my mom for her seventy-fifth birthday. Watched this at home:

Went to the Brattle to see the rarely screened Green for Danger (1946), with Alastair Sim five years before he starred in Scrooge.

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