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Monday 6/29/20

Gave some thought to not doing something anymore that I've been doing for a while. It's one thing not to pay me, but to not pay and then insult me, is something that I have just about no patience for tolerating at this point, especially when I put forth a lot of effort and provide something that no one else does.

Worked on two short stories today, wrote a 2000 word feature and filed it, a very good piece, smart, funny. it was profound, actually, and hilarious, and relevant, and with so much edge, balls, intellectual range and still accessibility for all. One of those pieces that no one else could have written. I expect it will be out on the Fourth of July. Also taped an hour long podcast episode with Ryan on the long medley on Abbey Road, which I thought was quite clean. It was crisp. And things were put forward that one has ever said about the album, and that I didn't even know I thought. Well, I did, because it's all in there somewhere, but that doesn't mean it has come out before or I've said all of it to myself. This is all quite helpful, actually, with Same Band You've Never Known: An Alternative Musical History of the Beatles. I'm working out some of the ideas as we go, and I'm seeing how strong they are, in addition to what I knew I had. I've done a lot of these kinds of things over the years, and what I like about talking to Ryan is he has input. Not that my brain tires, but I'm dragging myself through these days, and any time I'm doing anything, it's after having already done so much. I think some people take advantage of the fact that I am always on. Which is fine in one way, less fine if you insult me. It's refreshing when there's input, just makes it a little easier.

Ran there miles as well. Cover story to write early in the morning. Been lying in bed for two hours working on these two stories in my head. Got up to write this. Didn't do nearly enough today.


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