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Wednesday 3/6/24

Just randomness. My effort needs to be exponentially better in all areas.

Walked six miles, did 200 push-ups. Fitness efforts have been poor lately. This was also poor.

Downloaded some Hendrix. Listened to the Vaccines' Pick-Up Full of Pink Carnations and Van Cliburn's first two records.

This is Amelia and my mom from today. Amelia picks out her own outfits. As my mother does with her vulpine-themed sweaters.

This is Robert Mitchum appearing in an uncredited role in the Laurel and Hardy vehicle, The Dancing Masters. He has his Out of the Past trench coat on.

Read some more Graham Greene on film. He was good. Very astute and wrote well about what he saw, what people were up to and what they were about, how films worked and why they didn't and how they might have worked better, knew the ins and outs of compositions and camera placement. Really got it.

Robert Kraft is a petty guy who isn't hard to trick. I think his reputation is going to keep taking hits. Belichick's reputation took a hit as Brady's went up. Now you're going to see Kraft's go down some more and Belichick's go up in relation. Needy people are easy to dupe. I think Kraft is a stooge who had nothing to do with the Patriots' run.

Read some of a Batman graphic novel from the 1980s.

This is Joy Division at the Factory in Manchester on September 28, 1979.


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