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Wednesday 12/28/22

Trying to download all of the Beatles' A/B Road right now.

The computer has to be replaced in the early portion of 2023. It's ten-years-old. I spoke to the Admiral about what I need--he's way better at this and doing the right research than I am--and him helping me out getting set up. This computer is close to fried. It freezes all the time and I'm actually losing hours a week with it freezing and crashing.

Someone told me that "Best Present Ever" made Christmas for their family--that was the word they used--and was the best Christmas experience they've ever had. Said individual then went on to say anyone else would have the same experience, but I am dealing with insane, wrecked, broken, bigoted, hateful psychopaths in publishing, who look at me and think "kill, kill, kill." This person is so confident it will all work out. They sound even more so lately. Not that it will work out, but that I'm closer to that time coming. They said all that has to happen is for it to be in someone's lap. People out there. I said, "What? This one story?" And they said no, any of it.

I worked hard today on "Net Drive" and this essay for the Fourth of July which is about independence in writing, and Hawthorne's Mosses from an Old Manse. They've both changed a lot since they were first written.

I got a ticket to see the Emerson String Quartet at Jordan Hall on January 22. It's their last ever tour, so I didn't want to miss them.

Thought Ottawa played really well against the Bruins last night and it was okay to just grab the point. Ottawa goalie was also very strong. I don't have a ton of confidence in the Bruins when they get to penalty shots. A feeling, or based upon the few times I've watched them in the shootout. I don't know their actual shootout record.

Yesterday on Twitter people were listing their five favorite Red Sox players. Favorite, not those they thought were best. My five favorites: Carlton Fisk, Luis Aparicio, Roger Clemens, Jimmie Foxx, Lefty Grove.

Tom Brady sounds like a good friend in his exchanges with Antonio Brown that the latter likes to leak out as some attempt, presumably, to make Brady look bad. I guess that's what he's doing?

I did get the rare laugh from Twitter today. A reporter said that Bobby Orr would be "throwing" out the first puck at the Bruins-Penguins Fenway game, as well as a former Red Sox catcher. Or to a former Red Sox catcher. That makes sense. Someone said, "Better not be Gedman, the puck will squirt by."

It's probably Varitek, but it could be Fisk. Wouldn't you want a Hall of Fame player for something like this? But Varitek is recent and popular.


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