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Awake; then into the day

Sunday 1/7/24

I awake with such a massive appetite for art, creating, life, and getting where I'm trying to get. It's almost overwhelming.

My phone contains 900 pages of notes. They are for books, stories, things to write on here. It will all be gotten to/continue to be gotten to.

Right now it's 3:30 in the AM. I've been at it for two and a half hours. I'm a bit sick but that's fine. It's raining. I'll need to get outside and run the City Hall stairs before the snow gets too bad. I don't know how much it's supposed to snow. The snow isn't so much my concern as the city employees trying to kick me off the stairs while ten of these lazy loads shovel and then call for back-up to have me removed from these public stairs where I have every right to be. But I can avoid the drama so that goes in the control what you can control folder.

When Tylenol expires, does it really expire? Is it actually no good at all? I have Tylenol that expired four years ago. But is it still like 80% good, maybe? I admit I'm not a huge believer in expiration dates, but I also don't want to dose with ignorance.

Nick Drake wouldn't take his anti-depressant medications, which was one contributing factor to his suicide. On a piece of paper he scrawled, "Don't dose the grouch." I wonder if this was because he believed there was this part of him that worked as a sort of internal muse and without it--hard as it was to have it--he wouldn't be able to create what he wanted to. I don't know.

I have a number of medicines, which are all over-the-counter, believing as I do in my singular strain of homeopathy, with such pioneering techniques as the scurvy in reverse, all of the teas, and willing sickness away--or out of the body--with the mind. This is Zulu warrior stuff, of course. I take garlic pills and red yeast for heart health, and often Melatonin at night. I have Centrum vitamins but I'm not as consistent as I should be about taking that. I'm almost out. I try to limit how much Advil I take--a headache has to be pretty bad for me to have any, but when I need it, I need it. If I have any aches, I just drink peppermint tea. I used to take milk thistle for my liver and I would take it now but I'm also out of that. I took it for my drinking, to offset the effects. Then I kept taking it years after I stopped drinking, just in case, but I know it doesn't really work that way and my liver should be fine now. The lemons in my water are also in part for my liver. Lemons are really good for you, and if you like them you might as well put them in your water, I figure, because the benefits must add up over the years. The last time I had a prescribed medicine was when I had the pneumonia in August 2016. I do fear pneumonia. I fully admit that. I got over that in two weeks, but it occurs to me now that having stopped drinking was probably a big factor. Not drinking also give's one a mental leg up. You feel less compromised and more confident in your body.

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