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Bat mitzvah letter to friend's daughter

Tuesday 2/14/23

Dear Remy,

R-Dawg!!!! How are you? It is your friend the C-Dawg in Boston. I wanted to write you for your bat mitzvah. I sent a card, too, because everyone sends a card, don't they? But you can't say very much in a card. You just say "love" and sign your name.

I was going to say, "You must be excited for your bat mitzvah!" but then I thought how it's a little weird to tell someone what they must be excited about.

Instead I'll ask, "Are you excited?"

I hope so. It sounds pretty cool, and I know how much time you've put in. Often when I talk to your dad, he says, "I'm on my way to pick up the R-Dawg now," and it's very late it seems when you get out of Hebrew school. He doesn't actually call you the R-Dawg. But it's obvious that you've worked hard.

I think a lot of people will probably talk about how you're growing up. They'll maybe say, "They grow up so fast these days!"

But I bet you'll feel pretty much the same as the day before. Which does not mean that this isn't a big thing. It's your bat mitzvah! And you should be proud.

But you know what else? It's a secret. Well, it's not a secret. Anyone can tell anyone else. People just tend not to tell other people. Usually because they don't know. But I thought I should say it to you.

Are you ready? Get ready, R-Dawg!

Here it is:

The wisest people grow up every day. They get a little more grown up than they were yesterday. Even if they're eighty!

If they get super good at it, they can grow up more from the morning to the afternoon and then to the evening.

That's what you should always try to do. I think you can, from what I know about you. I think it's an important way to be. I think the world needs people who do that.

So, what else? We don't get to talk much so maybe we should cover some other things.

I really appreciated the video you and your sister sent me at Christmas after your mom and dad read you my story. I was so glad that you liked it.

I was very sorry to learn about your teacher who died. I know you liked him. That was awful. I hope you're doing okay.

I get that school has been rough. Your dad tells me about those kids who have been jerks. I ask him how you're doing with that, and he says that you don't talk much with some things. I get it. Sometimes it can feel hard to talk.

But don't ever forget that you have people you can talk to anytime about anything. They won't make it worse. They just want to help you because they love you and you bring so much to their lives. It really does go both ways.

Well, I don't want to keep you. Say hi to your mom for me, and Mallory. You don't have to say hi to your dad. I will probably just talk to him anyway.

Congratulations again, Remy. I'm so excited for you.




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