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Beatles book cover art

Saturday 6/4/22

I've been mulling a possible cover art approach for Just Like Them: A Piece by Piece Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Thinking Person's Beatles Fan today. Could be a pastiche off of 1970s Beatles bootlegs with their stenciled lettering. To own one of those bootlegs was to be someone in the know. It was like a hallway pass in the corridors of Beatles knowledge. So there could be some grainy Beatles image, the stenciled letter, with the front of the book looking like a bootleg. I'll paste in some of those covers here. It's something that I think an artist could run with. On the back, there could be some spiffy, upbeat list--enticement of what one would find inside. Best Beatles concert. Sad film to make you happy. The road to "Strawberry Fields." Beatles take on heroes and win. King of the guitar solos. Finest love songs. The year of years. Smart Paul. John's top sings. Like a tracklisting but not a tracklisting, because that's the spirit of bootlegs--they'd be wacky and shout things out, but those things sounded cool. This is such a different, fun approach to a Beatles book, and it's a book to make you a smarter Beatles fan. And smarter in other ways, too, but we'll leave that aside for now. It's a Beatles book that goes rogue with all of the same old, same old out there. So it can have the spirit of a wink in the cover art. Can be playful, precisely because it's so smart. Perhaps put in something like the Trademark of Quality logo, or a rubber-stamped variation thereof.


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