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Monday 2/20/23

C: There are people who talk about the blog as though they've read it, when they haven't. Many of these publishing people can't handle reading about themselves, revealed as what they are. It's not uncommon for one of those people to have to hide themselves away from what's here. It's all true. Which is a big reason why they can't handle it. They would know that anything I say on the blog is true--factually, legally. Any way you want it. But they talk about it--those that have to keep themselves away, or else they'll have a breakdown--as though they have. They fill in whatever blanks they want, as negatively as they want. People in their system automatically believe these things they're told. People like these people.

C: Think of it this way. Some bored, unstable, toxic white suburban Clarksburg housewife goes to Target. She sees the same man in two different aisles that she's in. She decides he's trying to sex traffic her. Does she really believe it? She long ago lost the ability to even think in terms of what she really believes. In reality, the guy is simply you after you've been at work. She comes home and gets on the Clarksburg town Facebook group. She reports that a man at Target tried to sex traffic her and then she saw him trying to sex traffic a kid in the parking lot. In reality, that kid is Mallory and you're opening the car door for her. Do you know what then happens? Every single clucking hen (and male white knight) accepts that claim not only as true, but gospel. The truest thing ever said. They issue warnings, they put up flyers, they mass report to the Clarksburg cops, they say, "I'm so sorry that happened to you," they hate men even more. That's something that happens with the blog.

C: But you can also add in what I think of as co-morbidities. These people want to hate me so bad. Many do and deeply, and have for a long time, because of everything I legitimately, undeniably am, that they are not. What I daily prove myself to be, as an artist, a writer, all kinds of expert, a person. Others don't know me but would hate me the second they knew anything about me. For the same reasons. Not because of fault. Not because of immorality. Not because I'd done anything to them. I've only been polite and professional, whereas they have never been. They've been the opposite.

C: Put it another way:

C: In this analogy, you, Hardware John, may have just returned a woman's purse to her at the Target that you found on the ground. Helped an elderly woman do her shopping. And helped Mallory solve one of the problems of youth with a good, loving talk as you approached the car.

C: Are you aware that this his how the world works? And there is nothing in this world, in terms of wrongness, backwardness, bigotry, clannishness, mental instability, seething envy, worse than the publishing world.

J: Yes, I am fully aware of that.

J: Millions will be reading it soon. That will take care of all of this.


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