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Monday 1/29/24

In what world am I not supposed to write an all-timer of a story before half past five in the morning and then listen to the Undertones' "Teenage Kicks" multiple times?

Yes, I thought so. No world. And no wonder John Peel played this sucker twice in a row.

Holy fuck what a great story this is. "Box Art." Boy is forced to go to the museum against his will with his parents and his sister, is surprisingly taken by the Joseph Cornell boxes he sees there, and comes home and does something he gets in a lot of trouble for, but that's because no one knows his motives. Did the laugh thing. First sentence:

This boy gets dragged to the museum with his parents and his sister and he really thinks of it like being dragged because to him what’s happened is no different than if he was tied to the back of a car with some rope and his dad hit the gas but when he's at the museum he sees some Joseph Cornell boxes and he likes them.

Sixty-six words, no commas. Pure flow. Truly surprising story. Which is itself a form of box art.

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