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Saturday 2/26/22

This is all there is. It's not a Bumble thing. A dating app thing. It's all there is in the world. There is no intelligence. And you can't say it's a standards thing, an expectations thing, like I'm so unrealistic. It's not possible to expect less of people than what I expect. There's essentially nothing that any of them can do. Say something--anything--vaguely intelligent? It's not going to happen. It's not out there. Try at all? No one is going to try anything. Learn something? No one is going to learn anything. Say three original words? No one can do that either. Or no one will. They'll just parrot something like that "hold my beer" line, because they just saw 3800 other people parrot it on Twitter, and they think it's clever. It's not funny. It's not clever. It's stupid. It's embarrassing for you. You're a clown. And you're dependent on everyone else being a clown. Awesome. What a culture. Society grows and shapes itself around the idiot. Society molds itself to the lazy idiot. I signed up for this a couple days ago. The way Bumble works is that the woman has to write the man first. One will recall the recent "actual sexism" post on there from the other day. I frequently encounter women going on about how men have nothing to say, because on every other dating site, the man will reach out first 99% of the time. Women wait for the man to come to them. It's all a childish game of cowardice and entitlement. And insecurity. No one says anything to anyone. There's no clever conversation, no exchange of ideas. So that leaves what? Sex. So that's what guys focus on. There's nothing else. No one puts forth any effort. Take away this, take away that, take away this, and what remains? Bodies. So then it gets scaled back to just animal stuff. I say things, of course, because I am looking for something real and great. But that's me. It's ironic, then, to see how women first talk to men, when they have to, after complaining about men--who do surely suck--as if they themselves don't suck at all, and they have so much to say, and so much substance, etc.

No one has any substance. Probably 300 women have written me. All ages, from college to mid-forties. And it's all the same. Not a single one of them has anything to say beyond what you see here. The women in their mid-forties, if they say anything, will project their misery on to you. They'll maybe say how old they are, as in "I am so ancient." You'd think they were a witch waiting for a house to land on them. How the good old days used to be. Why? Because they're done. They've given up. And it takes a physical toll, too. You see how it ages them, their attitude, their defeatism. You can actually see it change their skin, sink their eyeballs deeper into their face. That horrible, horrible attitude wizens you. They have no spirit. They are done at forty-four or whatever its.

Me, I've barely gotten started. And that shows in everything I do, everything I am, my spirit, my strength, how I look. Some of these women are like ancient grandmothers and they're barely forty. They've made themselves that way. I have encountered exactly two somewhat intelligent profiles. Both of those women were twenty-seven. My range at this point, as best as I can determine it, is twenty-six to thirty-four. It's going to have to be someone around there. Even just for keeping up purposes. But that person needs to be brilliant, dynamic, deeply moral, passionate, brave, eclectic, and I very much doubt that that person exists anywhere in the world. I'll meet more people later on, allowing that I am not in this position, but for now, it's this. And maybe there is nothing more. Doctors, lawyers, educators, scientists, I've been hearing from them all. And not one of them has a brain, tries at all, can think of anything to say. People want to make excuses for people like this, and say, "Everyone is awesome!" but no, they suck.

As one would imagine, my profile is what one would expect from me. Brilliant and impassioned and clever and funny, with some fun and rascality, and I even do add that one should be a person of substance, and say something of substance, and I'm the last person you're going to want to contact with your one-word note or your stock question. I get that out of the way, because if you're that way, don't waste your time here. I'm not the one for you. We're not going to be anything for each other. You know how dumb people are? I'll tell you. They're so dumb that despite thirty, forty, whatever it is, years of life, that all they can say about themselves, as in the most interesting thing, this summation of their humanness, after decades of their journey on this planet, is that they're vaccinated. That's what you got to show for your thirty-five years? Again, why live? What is the point? What are you doing? Why bother? Why get up?

And then maybe they say they're old. You think anyone of any substance or intelligence wants to listen to that or deal with someone like that for what could be five, six more decades? You know what my big takeaway is with people? They're losers. Like in sports, there are winners and losers. It's attitude, how you are in the clutch, effort. People are just losers in life. And they like/prefer/follow/praise other losers, because those people don't make them feel worse about being a loser. Again, the biggest piece of the pie for me. It's like going behind 2-0 early in a hockey game, so rather than rally, and realize that there's a ton of game left, they pack it in. They whine, they quit, they're jealous of the players on the other team kicking their ass, they make more excuses for themselves, and they ultimately get blown out 9-0. That is now how almost everyone lives their life. They don't even try. They don't try to be good, to be smart, to say anything, to be real. They don't even try. I know why I'm alone. But it's a completely different reason than why all of these people are alone, and always will be alone until they formally die, no matter who they are "with," because that won't be real, that won't be for real reasons, and there will be nothing there but more deadness. All you have to do is fucking try. Just try. Put forth effort. Put yourself into what you do. Learn things. Say your things. Your things. Don't just mimic other things. Say your things. From your brain, your heart. Read things. Get off your ass. Commit. But no. No one tries anything at all. And it kills them. It kills everything. But they still won't stop. It's so easy to try.

And for people who don't know, who seek to enable people like this, and get defensive because--Oh my God!--someone said a little bit of truth, no, saying "how are you?" is not someone simply starting a conversation. It's a lazy, mindless, passive aggressive person doing what they do as a lazy, mindless, passive aggressive person. Because if you reply, "I'm fine, thanks," that is the end of it. They don't have anything else to say. It's a stand-off. They want you to do everything, because they can say nothing. It's all on you. And I'm not interested. Eventually, they'll find some idiot who just wants someone to be with, who objectifies them, who wants to get laid whenever they please, and that person will do whatever they have to do, and won't take issue with sloth or idiocy, so they can call that person their girlfriend, their wife, etc. And the woman is doing the same thing with that guy, because that guy offers nothing either. And then they pair up. And then they have kids, because what else are they going to do? And the kid sees this, and is raised in this environment, and then the kid grows up and is like this as well. And that is society. And it doesn't have to be this way. It's not easier. Helps no one. Doesn't help people who act this way. Makes their lives worse.

I think of it like someone who sits on a couch, becomes part of the couch, resembles the couch, who then starts running, or walking, whatever. And they get into great shape. They're drinking all of this water, they feel good, they have energy, they're looking good. And it's not like that person ever says, "no, it was not worth it, too much effort! Wouldn't mind if I had remained that couch-blob forever! Those were the days!" No one ever says that. They never think it was too much work. They're happier and healthier. They have it going on. Life is better. More things seem possible. It's really just that. Just a different version of that.

By the way: rarely do I respond, as one sees in an example below. Why? Many reasons. Not worth it. And if one says anything truthful, that will be reported with a cry of "misogyny!" and that's it, you're banned. That's all it takes in today's world. Which, of course, is actual sexism.

Why don't we all just try? How about that? Men, women, everyone. Because we are all people. All humans. Let's just try? What's the worst that could happen? Wouldn't that be better? Mental health would be better, we'd feel better, we'd have better relationships, better friendships, we'd be smarter, have more to offer, discover more about ourselves. It's so simple, so doable, so attainable.


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