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Catcher's mitt

Thursday 6/1/23

My mother phoned me yesterday asking for advice. People often come to me for advice, but I would say it's most common with important things, when there can be no messing around or further delay. Then I will be called in before someone's spouse, which says something. But this was more in the sweetness category.

My nephew really likes playing catcher. It's his favorite position. By coincidence it's mine, too. I did not seek to influence him in this matter, but obviously I thought it was cool that he likes catching.

Anyway, my mom was watching my sister's kids for a weekend recently, and my nephew was really helpful with everything with his sisters, especially the littlest one, who can be a bit of a handful, which I say with love, because I think she's funny. Kind of like this little pirate. Made life easier for my mom. And to thank him, she wanted to get him something.

He's had his eyes on a catcher's mitt, though he's been stashed in the outfield recently for his games with this new team he's on. The whole team is new. So probably everyone will play a bit of everything until they settle in.

My mom went on her own to a sporting goods store to do some recon. She found a catcher's mitt at a really good price--I was surprised how low it was--and they put it aside for her. She phoned me to ask if it would be a good one. It was a Rawlings model, so I told her, yes, it should be fine if it's the right size for him, but that she had to take him to the store to try it out, which she knew anyway.

Yesterday she picked him up at the bus stop and they went to the sporting goods store together. The glove was great and they got it. A small thing that's a big thing. They phoned me driving home and I told him what to do to help break it in, adding that you also just have to use it a lot after, and at first the ball might pop out some until the glove is less stiff, and don't be alarmed.

It was just something that happens in life that I was glad to know happened, so I sent my mom a text later that just said, "That was nice of you to do that for Charlie. I'm sure it made him very happy as it would have made me."

You just don't forget that someone did that for you, you know? You always remember that.

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