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Christmas things I like

Tuesday 12/22/20

These are just some Christmas things I like. That's all.

The Mystery of the Invisible Dog, an entry in the Three Investigators series that takes place when Jupiter, Bob, and Pete are on their holiday break.

Judy Garland's Christmas special from 1963:

The 1950 radio production of The Wizard of Oz that aired on Christmas day, with Garland back eleven years later as Dorothy:

The 1950 radio production of Holiday Affair with Robert Mitchum:

The 1928 silent film, As Christmas Draws Near:

Boston Camerata's version of "Gloucestershire Wassail":

Jimmy Smith's "Jingle Bells":

The vocal version of "Christmas Time is Here" from A Charlie Brown Christmas:

The Revels' "Acadian Mouth Music."

John Clare's "December." Washington Irving's "Old Christmas."

Handel's "Amen" chorus--one of the best things ever written by anyone--from Handel and Haydn's recording of Messiah. The chord after the violin cadenza is the very sound of what I mean when I talk about getting to where I am going. To lift a line from the Sam Cooke book, it will sound like that.


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