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Computer games

Wednesday 2/26/20

New essay (don't be scared by that word; yes, I know, it usually means "here is something super boring"; not what it means here) in The Smart Set on playing the computer game King's Quest as a kid and the role in played in me becoming an author. I was always going to be an author. I knew that when I was two and remember thinking it. But this game still played a part. The essay is one of what is now many I wrote to also be incorporated into a memoir called Saving Angles: Finding Meaning and Direction in Life's Unlikely Corners. Other subjects: my bizarre great aunt Dot, Joy Division's last song, climbing the Monument, a novel about painting, take #1 of "A Day in the Life," my second grade teacher, moving/relocating, a hockey goaltender, Peanuts/Linus/Curse of the Cat People, William Sloane's To Walk the Night, Seabury Quinn's Roads, Holiday Affair. I was never a big video game person. But there were several games I did like. (And I could envision myself back in my house in Rockport playing a hockey game on a giant TV as it rained outside, while listening to music.) One of them, Captain Goodnight, I've written into the novel I'm about to get back to working on, called The Freeze Tag Sessions (which sits at 60,000 words). Having done Meatheads Say the Realest Things: A Satirical (Short) Novel of the Last Bro and it about to come out has freed me up with novels. It was a good first novel to do. I liked The Oregon Trail a lot. And One on One: Dr. J vs. Larry Bird.


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