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Cornucopia of autumn

Friday 9/16/22

I have a repugnant task to do and I wish to be done with it early, so I can start early tomorrow and be productive throughout the weekend. Things are bad and are likely about to get a lot worse. The discrimination and obvious, additional acts of it. That means more work in these pages documenting and exposing said discrimination.

(Edit: Repugnant task is done.)

I wrote a 2700 word piece on Miles Davis's On the Corner. That took three hours: start to finish, fixed, filed.

I've worked hard and well on "Playing Legs." I don't mean to single it out but I still want to say it's special. I know I'm presiding over a "Fitty" or "Girls of the Nimbus" level work. 600 new and available stories, and they are all this good. I'm taking my time with the story, but that's a funny comment, isn't it? I think it would go into No Mercy When We Get There: Stories to Wreck You, but I don't know, and that's nothing to think too much about right now. Story is up to 3800 words.

I walked three miles and did the Monument five times. Thirty-five minutes for the latter. Not a strong showing. Coughing much. Had a throat thing before I went. Voice ragged.

I'm awed by people who order a hot coffee and drink it immediately. How does that not burn their mouths?

This is a photo of the ever-adaptable Hallway Hermey within a cornucopia of autumn.


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