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Friday 4/19/24

I'd like if it could be September to December year round. Today is pretty good, though, so far as spring goes: upper forties, clear, crisp, can see your breath when not in the sun.

Have been to Medford and unloaded the car for the Admiral and the Captain. Admiral stopped at Trader Joe's on the way back so I could stock up on cranberry juice for my heart.

Find myself having to explain my new dietary approach which is not a diet per se. I am not dieting. I have made changes. I think it's possible I will never eat red meat again. As I said, I didn't eat much, but having none at all gives me a certain peace of mind that is valuable to me. There were frozen pizzas in the freezer that I threw out on Thursday morning along with candy that had accrued from Halloween and Easter, plus some Samuel Adams beer glasses.

The truth is, given that I'm a Zulu warrior, and now with my new dietary approach, and this night guard, I've been able to sleep very little and not get tired even with what my days have consisted of.

Ran 3000 stairs, did 120 push-ups, walked six miles. Right now it's still the morning and I'm preparing for how hard I'm going to work next week, which begins for me on Saturday. It's all about beating these bigots.

Speaking of which: I saw the Facebook profile of one of them today in which the bio read, "Perpetual badass." First picture I looked: Indoor scarf. These whatever they ares are more caricatures than they are actual people, never mind writers or "literary people." Disasters of delusion.

I see that Creature from the Black Lagoon is screening at the Brattle at the end of the month. I will have to check that out. A good film to write a book about.


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