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Don't fall down

Saturday 10/24/20

I wrote a story this morning called "Turkey Jerky." Sent it to the group with this note: "Masterpiece. And heart-rippingly beautiful." Both statements are true.

Walked five miles. Listened to the "Valentine" episode of Quiet, Please, and several Suspense episodes--"The Thing in the Window," "The Storm," "Uncle Henry's Rosebush," "The White Rose Murders," "Lazarus Walks." The last one features Orson Welles. "Uncle Henry's Rosebush" is the best of these Suspense episodes, though the ending lets it down. When you don't know what is going on--a husband and wife drive to home of the wife's aunt and uncle--the atmosphere pulls you in.

Someone texted me last night to tell me that they recently saw Welles' The Stranger for the first time and they thought of me. I like this, because then I can ask someone what they thought. Agreed with everything this person said. We go to movies together sometimes, the last one being Out of the Past at the Brattle in the late winter.

I think on Tuesday we'll have Rich and Colin's Halloween Spooktacular on Downtown, covering Macbeth, the scariest episodes of The Twilight Zone, Bob Dylan's Halloween show from 1964, and where we both stand on haunted houses and ghosts--are they real, what theories do we have, experiences, etc.

I am re-reading To Walk the Night for what is probably the fiftieth time. Sometimes I read it six times a year. I have learned a lot from it. It's a book I can turn into a screenplay that would make for an amazing film or four or five part series. Someday I'll have a first edition of it in my house in Rockport or Cape Cod.


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