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Wednesday 4/13/22

Adam Schefter is pure sleaze. There's a racist in there, too. You can tell. A young man loses his life when he's hit by a truck, and you post the news with the additional claim that this twenty-four-year-old struggled in his career? Why would you do that? Same guy who called a source Mr. Editor and gave that source free rein to change one of Schefter's pieces. And he gets what, 11 million dollars a year? What an odious human being. Imagine that being your life? You're just this slime. You have no ability, you're not smart, you can't write, you don't think. People just tell you stuff, and because of your privilege that's been handed to you, you get to be rich. But there's nothing you're actually good at, and you're a puke human being.

I'm not fan of Dave O'Brien, the Red Sox' play-by-play guy. I think he's bland, boring, and he comes off as insincere. His fake laugh annoys me. He loves to say, "He went for the downs!" but I don't think he has a clue what the expression actually means. But I feel bad for him. NESN--which is increasingly a joke of a network, cutting corners on things like not sending their broadcasters on the road and replacing original programming with gambling shows piped in and not doing a Red Sox and Bruins pre and postgame if the game itself is on another network--hired Tony Massarotti of 98.5 The Sports Hub to do analysis on some of the games. 98.5 is WEEI's main rival. WEEI carries the Sox on the radio. WEEI is a total joke that doesn't even try to be competitive, or it looks that way anyway. It's like they're trying to tank for a lottery pick. Dinosaur programming for old guy sports fans in retirement homes. Massarotti actually knows baseball, but you wouldn't know it, as he spends most of his time trying to be vulgar and making bathroom jokes. He's like fifty-three. Or whatever he is. On his show on 98.5, he and Michael Felger--the other host--have been merciless over the years in going after O'Brien, making fun of this whistling noise he makes when he talks. It's messed up, schoolyard bully stuff, and the noise isn't even that noticeable. They made fun of him non-stop. Just brutal. And then NESN does this gimmick hire with Massarotti, and O'Brien, whom I'm sure knows all of this, has to work with this dude in this prostituted attempt to grab some ratings for a boring ass sport? Like I said, I feel bad for the guy. That's a tough thing to swallow and then just sit side-by-side with someone and do a game with them.

What does going for the downs mean? Downs are fields. In the early days of baseball, there were fields on the other side of the outfield fences. We were a much more agrarian country. To go for the downs was to try to reach those fields with a batted ball. Swing from your rear.

It's ironic that The Who By Numbers was supposed to be this angst-y album about feeling your age--which is to say, not young--but two of the guys who made it are still making music and touring forty-seven years later. As I wrote in that story, there is no young, and there is no old. There really isn't.

Listened to Hotel California today. Not a lot of meat on that musical bone.

The Library of Congress reached out to me and asked me to write an essay about Sam Cooke's "Jesus Gave Me Water" for their official registry, then they told me they were not going to pay me. You know...whatever. I said I'd do it. It'll take me an hour. This is just where it's at right now.

The fun never stops here. What to know something fun? The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is now stocking a number of 33 1/3 books in their shop. Guess which book in the series they're not stocking about the rock and soul singer who is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? It's always the same here. It's not in my head, it's not paranoia. It's all real. It's all too real. Making things even worse is that they're stocking books in the series about artists who are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. You like that? It's like every single damn thing is another crowbar being put up my ass. Whatever, man. Fuck them. Keep your focus and faith. You'll have your time.

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