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Thursday 1/12/23

I had to write some unpleasant things to some unpleasant people yesterday. Having to do so is upsetting to me, but actually doing so is becoming less upsetting.

A Beatles project is coming together fairly quickly. Nothing I have discussed on here. I awoke today and took a shower and got dressed. No exercises. This is very rare for me to get up, shower, get dressed, leave, but that's what I did. I went to the Starbucks to work out some things for this project. It will be a lot of my focus over the next few days to complete what is needed on my end.

It's cold and rainy today. Not exactly raining, but wet. There are drops. After I had worked out what I needed to, and made some notes about something else, I went to the Aquarium, just to think, and also the Great Hall at Faneuil Hall. I also looked at some of the exhibits in the space above. I saw a jacket worn by a Union solder in the Civil War, a belt buckle that was dug up during the construction of the Bunker Hill Monument--with which I felt a kind of kinship--and a sword carried by a soldier who died during the Battle of Bunker Hill. It's a powerful sensation to stand before such an item.

I wrote one of the Easter op-eds.

Yesterday I did 100 push-ups and ran 5000 stairs at City Hall. Normally I would take a break after 3000, but I did the 5000 straight through. I had begun work at three this morning. Went straight into "Answers from an Interview With Any Questions." I am at a new level. I have changed again. I can feel it. The story became 1000 words longer so now it is 3200 words.

It's crazy how hard I am working. And how well.

This is the Carleton Hobbs adaptation of "The Musgrave Ritual." His depiction of the Sherlock Holmes character impresses me.


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