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Early Saturday odds and ends

Saturday 12/18/21

* Thursday was my late sister Kerrin's birthday. She would have been forty-one. I called my mother and had sent her a sympathy card but that probably won't arrive until today. I'm not really in the book dedication business anymore--there wasn't one for Scrooge, and I'm unlikely to do any dedications in the future, because I've found that they're a bad idea--but when I sell this first essay collection I will dedicate that to Kerrin.

* I think my nephew liked the birthday present--three graphic novels of the original Star Wars films--that I sent him.

* Someone read something I recently had published about Christmas and said they needed to read that this year. They told me I make them want to be a better person and to get better at living. Then they went on to say how disturbing it is that an entire industry thinks the best person out there is the very devil. I am always thinking about this, so it's not like hearing it gets me down more than I already am.

*There is a rapist and a plagiarist who had his novel excerpted by Granta this summer. It's also a bad novel. He's a bad writer. A shlock-y, gimmicky, empty, talentless writer. And, again, he rapes and plagiarizes. In September, The New Yorker, knowing he is a rapist and a plagiarist, wrote a lengthy article praising this person. The entire staffs of Granta and The New Yorker hate me more than they hate anyone else in this world. I am a good person who is a better writer than anyone. They praise the rapist and the plagiarist. They prefer a man who rapes and plagiarizes over me. That is how far jealousy, sickness, immorality goes in these people of publishing. David Remnick supports rapists and plagiarists. Luke Neima supports rapists and plagiarists. In the worlds of David Remnick and Luke Neima, being a rapist and a plagiarist does not make you an undesirable. Being smarter than they are does.

* This was brought to my attention this week: one will recall Katie Raissian at Grove/Atlantic. Raluca Albu of BOMB reached out to Raissian in mid-October, after I refused to be discriminated against any further by Albu, and stood up to her abuse. She's someone I had always been kind to, who is a sexist and a liar. One thing that was left out of the account one sees here is that for a year, she had a single story. It would not have mattered. These people are invested in maintaining their class system, where only the "right" kind of person is put forward. The work has nothing to do with, except insofar as they hate talent, because none of them possess any. Albu reached out to Katie Raissian at Grove/Atlantic. She whined and told Raissian to ban me. Raissian had a book from me. She was never going to respond, because, again, we're talking about a sexist bigot who is a loser who has done nothing, and will never do anything, and is all about prejudice. But she blocked me on Twitter--I had no idea she even had Twitter--and she also told everyone at Grove/Atlantic--this is what was brought to my attention this week; there's always some loose lips on the ship--to hate and ban me. So what happened was, all of these editors, these rabid bigots, went through old emails they had saved from me, offering various books, which they had never opened, and only opened them for reasons of hate. With someone they didn't know, who had done nothing to any of them. Who is an infinitely better writer than anyone they've ever published, and is still more accomplished in a single week of his career than any of these people are in the whole of theirs, even with an industry against him. These emails went all the way back to 2018. So they sat there for years. Those books sat there for years. That's how deep this conspiracy goes to keep my work suppressed. Here is but one example in this evil industry. Those emails weren't even opened until these sub-human non-entities of the whisper network started doing their thing. That was their motivation--pettiness, spite, envy, hate. You want to talk systemic discrimination? We can talk systemic discrimination. Because no one knows what it is like to experience it better than I. And this isn't even getting into the worst person at Grove/Atlantic, that being John Freeman, who might be the single worst person in all of publishing. I've been laboring over his first entry on here, because this guy is as filthy as filthy gets, and there's a lot to cover. That's quite the operation you have there at Grove/Atlantic, Morgan Entrekin.


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