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Enough said

Tuesday 6/29/21

Letter today around 2 to the Inner Circle.

"The attached is fiendishly good. It's 2800 words long. Mind-blowing, radical, wise, cutting edge, funny, searing, true, unique. You'll love it.

"It's also the title story of what will be my first collection of ghost stories: The Ghost Grew Legs: Stories of the Dead for the More or Less Living. I already had the title of the book, then I wrote this story today.

"They will be slanted ghost stories, as I call them, with timely sociological implications. Of course, most of the book is already done.

"It's disturbing that in addition to things like the Coltrane feature, essays, op-eds, and various shorter works of fiction--and the blogs--I've written the likes of this story, 'Get On My Lawn,' and 'Head to Give' in mere days. 'Seedless Cherries' feels like years ago. I think it was two weeks back.

"The Yale thing is hilarious.

"No one is going to write better than this."


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