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Fast sports thoughts

Tuesday 6/13/23

Much more important things coming, but I would like to recognize how abysmal the Red Sox' defense is. How can you be this bad defensively every year? Kike Hernandez has 14 errors by June 13?

In the past--I mean decades ago--defense was a big deal for a pitcher. For instance: if you were Billy Piece of the White Sox--strong pitcher who you can argue up to Hall of Fame-level pitcher--you were really helped out by having Nellie Fox and Luis Aparicio behind you up the middle. If you were on another club, maybe you wouldn't have been someone that someone else could make a HOF for.

Certain clubs had great defense, and that meant a lot to pitchers. Think of the Baltimore Orioles. But now, defense is supposed to be mostly a given. The plays that should get made almost always get made.

But not with the Red Sox!

Why is this never addressed? They're never good at the things you have to be good at, which are supposed to be the given things. You know, fielding, throwing, fundamentals.

Also, I was told that Lou Merloni was this outstanding analyst. He isn't. Last night he was making jokes about his name, and how he was never booed. Then he said that the Red Sox would rather have Justin Turner than J.D. Martinez because of Turner's leadership. Stop it. Martinez is lighting it up this year. His OPS+ is over 140 and he could well end up with 30 homers and 100 RBI. Don't say things like this--they only undermine your credibility.

Unfortunate state of announcing. I find myself hoping it will be Youkilis in the booth when I tune in, and that's Youkilis. He seems like a more genuine, likable guy to me. A fan (who collected cards) who happened to reach the big leagues and play at a high level. Merloni sounds like he's trying to be someone he's not.

Ah, for a Ned Martin.

NBA Finals was pretty much what you'd expect. I am only surprised that the Heat were able to win that second game in Denver. The Celtics wouldn't have beaten the Nuggets either.

I think I may be watching Bruce Cassidy lift the Stanley Cup tonight. For shame, Bruins, for shame! Feel the shame of your weakness! And maybe be less weak going forward. He was too mean. That's embarrassing. I get that the Bruins wouldn't have had the roster they did if Cassidy had been brought back, because guys would have stayed away and other guys would not have played for less if the mean man was the coach, but this says more to me about the players than the coach.

In hockey, as in life, it is always better not to be a--well, you know.

So don't be one.


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