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Saturday 9/2/23

Favorite place: Rockport, MA

Favorite season: Autumn

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Favorite book: William Sloane's To Walk the Night

Favorite poem: John Clare's "I Am"

Favorite sport: Baseball

Favorite film: Scrooge (1951)

Favorite color: Aquamarine

Favorite animal: Beaver

Favorite drink: Black coffee

Favorite album: The Beatles

Favorite song: "Strawberry Fields Forever" (w/overdubs)

Favorite instrument: Human voice

Favorite quality: Authenticity

Favorite TV show: The Wind in the Willows (1984-1990)

Favorite athlete: Carlton Fisk

Favorite ballet: Onegin

Favorite ghost story: Richard Middleton's "The Ghost Ship"

Favorite painter: Fitz Henry Lane

Favorite F. Scott Fitzgerald story: "Basil and Cleopatra"

Favorite radio broadcast: "The Shady Lane Matter" (Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar)

Favorite Orson Welles movie: Chimes at Midnight

Favorite bird: House sparrow

Favorite smell: The Atlantic off of New England

Favorite turtle: Snapping

Favorite fish: Pike

Favorite tree: Cedar

Favorite Universal horror: Dracula (1931)

Favorite Hammer horror: Dracula (1958)

Favorite part of the Museum of Fine Arts: Second floor, American wing

Favorite hockey player: Mike Bossy

Favorite excuse: None

Favorite Christmas special: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (1974)

Favorite actor: Robert Mitchum

Favorite jazz singer: Billie Holiday

Favorite Peanuts special: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Favorite Buster Keaton film: Steamboat Bill, Jr.

Favorite American sitcom: Cheers

Favorite TV Western: The Rifleman

Favorite fruit: Granny Smith apples

Favorite video game: King's Quest

Favorite exercise: Stairs

Favorite work by Thoreau: Journals

Favorite book series: The Three Investigators

Favorite basketball player: Dominique Wilkins

Favorite team: Boston Red Sox

Favorite edition of Boston Red Sox: 2013

Favorite jazz album: Eric Dolphy's Out to Lunch!

Favorite short film: Return to Glennascaul

Favorite John Peel session: Nick Drake, August 5, 1969

Favorite sports personality: Rabbit Maranville

Favorite guitar solo: Pete Townshend, "Young Man Blues," Live at Leeds, after Roger Daltrey says, "Git it!"

Favorite duet: John Lennon and Paul McCartney, "Hey Jude"

Favorite hawk: Red-tailed

Favorite Smiths song: "Some Girls are Bigger Than Others"

Favorite Howard Hawks film: Rio Bravo

Favorite instrumentalist: Keith Moon

Favorite M.R. James story: "Oh, Whistle, and I'll Come to You, My Lad"

Favorite field trip: To Sandwich

Favorite mountain range: Berkshires

Favorite kind of bridge: Covered

Favorite obelisk: Bunker Hill Monument

Favorite Pyrrhic victory: Battle of Bunker Hill

Favorite "Dark Star": Cleveland 10/31/71

Favorite sculptor: David Smith

Favorite living pianist: Paul Lewis

Favorite announcer: Fred Cusick

Favorite riff: "Day Tripper"

Favorite TV theme song: Newhart

Favorite power forward: Cam Neely

Favorite home run hitter: Dave Kingman

Favorite Rolling Stones song: "Shine a Light"

Favorite Powell and Pressburger film: A Canterbury Tale

Favorite fielder: Luis Aparicio

Favorite coat: Pea

Favorite football player: Andre Tippett

Favorite postmodern novel: Laurence Sterne's Tristam Shandy

Favorite Sherlock Holmes story: "The Blue Carbuncle"

Favorite blues guitarist: Otis Rush

Favorite film writer: James Agee

Favorite Joy Division song: "Ceremony"

Favorite John Keats poem: "Ode to a Nightingale"

Favorite resident of the Hundred Acre Wood: Eeyore

Favorite Vincent Price vehicle: House on Haunted Hill

Favorite Victorian novel: Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White

Favorite session: Beatles July 16, 1963 at the BBC

Favorite Bob Dylan album: Blonde on Blonde

Favorite jazz pianist: Bud Powell

Favorite flower: Sunflower

Favorite snake: Black racer

Favorite pitcher: Roger Clemens

Favorite landlord: Mr. Roper

Favorite singer: John Lennon

Favorite essay: F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Crack Up"

Favorite Star Wars movie: Star Wars

Favorite crustacean: Hermit crab

Favorite guitarist: Jeff Beck

Favorite version of Gunsmoke: radio

Favorite baseball card series: Diamond Stars (1934-1936)

Favorite baseball card: Jimmie Foxx Diamond Stars

Favorite diary: Pepys'

Favorite juice: Cranberry (real kind)

Favorite film book: This is Orson Welles

Favorite Grateful Dead album: American Beauty

Favorite cover version: The Beatles' "Solider of Love (Lay Down Your Arms)"

Favorite haunted house movie: The Uninvited

Favorite Nick Drake album: Pink Moon

Favorite goalie: Grant Fuhr

Favorite game: Game 2, 1987 Canada Cup Finals

Favorite sport to attend: College football

Favorite comic novel: Booth Tarkington's Penrod

Favorite Miles Davis album: The Complete Live at the Plugged Nickel 1965

Favorite mystery novel: J. Jefferson Farjeon's Mystery in White

Favorite form of apparel: Sweatshirt

Favorite quarterback: Dan Marino

Favorite jazz drummer: Tony Williams

Favorite sports books: Lawrence Ritter's The Glory of Their Times

Favorite garage album: Psychotic Reaction

Favorite Laurel and Hardy film: Sons of the Desert

Favorite bootleg: The Beatles' The Complete BBC Sessions/The BBC Archives

Favorite science fiction film: Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Favorite quote: "The only unforgivable sin is weakness." (from To Walk the Night)

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