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Film school

Sunday 10/2/22

A text exchange with my little neighbor and mentee today while I was running stairs inside the Monument.

C: I saw your mom the other day in the hall and we talked a little about college. Something to keep in mind: you don't want to be saddled with debt after you're done. I will help you fill out the scholarship materials. Also: no one knows what they want to do when they go to college. Or it's very rare. They figure it out while they are there. I know you like to worry about things but that is something you don't need to worry about. If you have worries, you can always ask me about them. I will help you. The best way to deal with anxiety is to talk about what's making you anxious. Love you.

N: Thank you for helping me out so much man. I think I want to go to a film school, or major in film at a normal school

N: I love you too

C: Okay. But you can also just go to a school where that is an option. You don't have to pick or declare before you get there.

C: Emerson has film

C: Tell you what

C: We'll make a list of schools with film programs

N: Boston College does

N: But it sounds hard to get into

C: Don't worry about that

C: You have good grades and you'll have a great essay and letters of recommendation

C: You'll apply to a range of schools. Eight to ten.

N: I want to go to Boston College, but I'd have to take the SATS. I haven't studied them and I have no idea when they are...

C: Think a little about where you want to be, geographically. Do you want to be close? In New England? What about out of state? California? UCLA?

C: You'll take them. Then we go from there.

N: New England, California, or out of country

C: I'm trying to tell you to relax. It will be fine.

C: Everyone has these concerns.

C: Okay.

C: I mention UCLA because of super well known film school

N: I should check those out, it will look good that I'm a visual artist

C: I think this is a good path for you. The film stuff.

C: Because it allows you to use many of your abilities

C: And I think you would be happy

N: I can only see myself doing film...or maybe writing? Or some other type of visual art

C: Remember:

C: Those things are a part of film

C: Writing, visual arts

C: Talk to your mom and dad about what you're thinking. I think this is a very good idea. And if you change your mind, that's no problem either. Now, or when you are there.

N: okay, thanks man. If you ever need me to do your laundry we can lie that you're old and can't leave your apartment and I can get community service hours

N: We can say you're in your sixties and have a bad leg or something. You can spice the story up

C: Or...we can talk about movies and if you want we can say you helped me as a research assistant.

N: That's a way better idea

N: That would be really helpful for me

C: And we'll include that in your applications

N: You think we can do 100 hours

C: Yes. Let's just get the language correct so that it looks as impressive as possible.

N: Okay. Do you mean how it would look on a resume

C: No. On the applications.

C: One last thing: find out tomorrow at school when the SAT is. Ask your guidance counselor. This isn't a big deal, but you have to take it. It'll be fine. But we have to know the date.

C: So it looks to me like you need to register by 10/7 in order to take it 11/5

N: Okay I'll try to register for the one in December

N: Or the latest one so I have time to study

C: I don't know when the applications are due.

C: But make sure this gets done.

C: And ask at school. Someone there should be giving you direction. I'll look into it a bit more. This is not a hard thing, but everything does have to be done on time. Not doing that is the only way to screw this up.

N: Okay, I have advisory on Monday so I'll ask

N: Thanks man

C: Great. Let me know.


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