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Golden Rule

Saturday 5/15/21

I kind of think the Golden Rule is BS--in one way. If I was lazy, stupid, and I didn't try to grow, learn, always get better, take in, process, I wouldn't want someone to be like, "Hey, that's pretty sweet, let me be super nice to you."

I'd want them to say, "What is your deal? Get going, try harder, stop making excuses. People like you make it harder for smart people who try because they have to be pulled down by your sloth and ignorance."

I'd want them to think enough of me to say that.

I think people use things like the Golden Rule--and this nonsense of "Everyone is doing their best"--so as to make more excuses to just suck and never be called on it. To contribute nothing and do nothing.

Everything in the world right now is designed for the lazy idiot, and the success of the lazy idiot. Everything is set up for people without talent, a work ethic, to succeed. The world provides for lazy idiots. It'll take care of you if you are a lazy idiot. You won't be left behind, because there's no moving forward. Move forward, and you will have next to no one, and slim chances that you will have to find a way to widen into a life and into what you deserve from life. You'll be out there on your own. The more you move forward, the further away from everyone and everything else you will be, including from any kind of a chance.

Nonetheless, my Golden Rule is fucking try. And try hard. I feel like every last person owes it to every other human being to try and learn, grow.

And if you're not doing that, I think you're a selfish person who cares only about yourself and doing as little as possible while finding a way to give yourself credit for things that are simply not real.

Golden Rule my golden ass.


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