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Monday 4/22/24

I really detest cats, but that being said, I am always pleased, warmed, and heartened when an innocent person or animal is not made to suffer and is taken care of, whatever that may mean for that person or animal. Today I saw an account of a twelve-year-old cat that had nowhere to go, and someone took this cat home from the shelter to give it a good home for the rest of its life, and that made me feel good.

Wrote a nonfiction piece about witches that is quite strong.

It's strange to think that O.J. Simpson and Joe Montana were teammates, just as it's strange to think that Ted Williams played against Lou Gehrig exactly one time and it was the very first game of his career. I bet Williams thought about that a bunch over the rest of his life.

Went to CVS. Got a card for my niece. Also a bag of popcorn--basically the plain, light kind, with no butter, no cheddar, minimal salt. Why popcorn? It's actually an excellent source of grain, and that's a part of my new dietary approach. I would say this popcorn is pretty dry and not especially flavorful.

Ran 3000 stairs, did 100 push-ups. It can be easy not to be back out there after a day like yesterday. One doesn't have to do this every day. I try to do, though. But you're doing well when you do a lot and then just pick back up come the morrow.

Been working on a couple new stories in my head. Also, "The Bird" is done.

Have listened to the Grateful Dead's 7/31/74 show from Hartford quite a bit lately. This is right in the middle of the Wall of Sound period, which lasted from March of that year to October. Those recordings--I'm talking about the actual recordings now--have a sound unlike anything else you'll hear. I've also never heard them play "Bertha" like they do at this gig. It's like this waltz-y shuffle. Johann Strauss meets Slim Harpo.


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