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Gunsmoke, Three Investigators, Eddie House and Celtics love, the worst player at present on the Bruins, fitness

Thursday 5/9/24

There are many Gunsmoke radio episodes without Kitty (Georgia Ellis) or Doc (Howard McNear). I was trying to think of any without Chester (Parley Baer). "The Ride Back" is close--but he turns up at the end. "Xmas Story" is Matt without any of the other regular cast members. I was listening to an episode the other night that didn't feature Doc, but Howard McNear was nonetheless mentioned in the credits at the end. He voiced one of the outlaws. Can't think of another time that happened right now. The subordinate outlaws didn't have a lot to say, only the main outlaw, who was played by John Dehner, which is what you'd expect. He was on that show a lot. He would have qualified as a regular himself if he had a regular role.

It's strange in a Three Investigators novel to encounter a reference to Luke Skywalker. Usually there are no topical references. When a film is mentioned, for instance, it'll be a fictitious film. It's all about this particular fictitious world in Rocky Beach, which itself is a fictitious town. I find this a very effective strategy for the series. You wouldn't want to have Pete telling Jupe and Bob about the Beach Boys concert he went to, like that would cut into your own imaginative space as a reader.

Man does Eddie House love the Boston Celtics! He played less than three seasons in Boston. This isn't a criticism. Not necessarily. But wow is he into the Celtics. You'd think he played a twenty year career with them. Incidentally: House's career game high for points was 35, which came in his last season with Miami. Unusual to see a player's career high be in their last year.

Charlie McAvoy is the worst player on the Boston Bruins right now. There. I've put it out in the open. That's what he is here on May 9, 2024. They would be better off with someone else in the line-up.

Ran 3000 stairs back at City Hall, did 100 push-ups, walked three miles.


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