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How far will an unhinged editor go to suppress an author?

Saturday 10/28/23

Pretty far, is the answer.

As we've seen, the editor Mark Warren is an unhinged man with an obvious anger problem. It seems like he is no longer a senior editor and vice president at Random House, having been laid off. Or at least he's not listed here anymore.

Either way, these people tend to resurface, and there are often people exactly them--or oblivious to who they really are--who hook them up with the next gig. It seems that Mark Warren is trying to do all he can--and I've never seen anything like this--to suppress me, so that relevant parties won't know what he's all about.

That's not going to work. Because I will learn where this man resurfaces, and people will be informed. That will go up on here, too. And then there are the emails, which have yet to go up on here. There's always more.

Earlier I had said that it appeared that Mark Warren had gamed Google so that the entirely accurate information about him in this journal--including his very own words, as sent from his personal Facebook account--wouldn't be seen by anyone.

Did you even know you could do that? The way it works, usually, is let's say you're a felon, and you're having a hard time getting work because of your felonious past. You can hire someone--I'm sure it's not cheap--to try and scrub Google of reports of your earlier misdeeds.

Mark Warren has done the editor version of this with this journal. You can try it yourself: Go on Google, type in Mark Warren See what you get? The way this works is if your name is in the title of a post, that's going to come up right at the top. And if you're name isn't in the title of the post, it's going to come up all the same, but not always right at the top.

He could have done this on his own, in theory (we must be very thorough in presenting a case like this), but chances are he paid someone else. Sounds to me--and I'm sure to you--like someone who knows they have something to hide, because what they did, and what they are, is pretty bad.

Why else would you do that? Might as well just sign a document admitting guilt. Because now we have an attempted cover-up.

But that's what Mark Warren did, and how far he went in trying to suppress someone who knew the truth about him. In trying to suppress an author.

Now, if you're someone at a publishing house, what do you make of that? How bad of a look is that? It's pretty bad, right?

Then there's that whole free speech bugaboo, which this editor, of all people, is looking to violate and paid someone--unless he did it himself--to rig Google so that it doesn't pull up entirely accurate search results about him.

How do you hire someone like Mark Warren?

You'll note that he did this for Google with this site specifically, because his name--like when I shared earlier links--still comes up under the Facebook banner (but it wasn't a totally clean job--you can see the bone sticking out of the skin, so to speak, with that one result, but that's just within the chain of entries, not for a specific entry).

But this site and his name? He managed to get that expunged from Google's search results.

Wow, right? See how real this is? This isn't anything I've made up. We can all see it. It's all fact-based and truth-based.


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