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I've read the Brothers Karamazov

Thursday 6/24/21

Quarter of three in the AM. Still writing to bigots.

Someone sent me a half dozen texts about how "Get On My Lawn" was the best thing they had ever seen, the world needs it, it'd make anyone else's name, etc.

My reaction is the usual. It's good to know that someone thinks this, but it is also depressing given my circumstances.

In some ways, the story is "Eyejaculator"-esque in that if you put it in the right venue--a New Yorker--it becomes a sensationalism piece, a wildfire spreader, the conversation topic, the viral piece.

Surprised the Islanders won. Didn't expect them to. And then down 2-0, would have been easy to pack it in.

Jay Williams is a bright guy. Jesus Christ. Duke, huh? Stupid enough to get on Twitter and say now the Celtics have their first African American head coach, and then later says he was hacked. Right. Because that's what a hacker would do.

What an idiot. It's telling. Guy is supposed to be an expert on basketball. How could you know less about the NBA not to know something like this? As I've said, as I've proven, very little in this world has anything to do with merit, knowledge, or ability. Most people with jobs of a public nature get what they get because of entirely different things. Except on the ball field, the court, the ice. But everything else comes down to how much of a moron you are, who you know, cronyism, money, connection, privilege, etc.

This is funny. A woman writes me on my dating profile, tells me I'm elitist, then adds that she is elitist as well, but is of sufficient moral fiber that she hides it.

Hilarious. A very standard kind of person, a woman like this: "over-educated"--which really means she comes from money and knows nothing about anything, but went to an expensive prep school and then Dartmouth--and insecure, self-loathing, Woke, a misandrist, typically an actual bigot who talks about Black people like pets, terrified, toxic, self-medicating, passive aggressive.

Normally I don't reply. Why would I? To say what she is? She already knows. So what you're really doing is saying to someone that you know what they don't want anyone else on earth to know.

But they're often so unstable that they'll write me multiple times, without me saying a word.

So she writes me again and says that Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov is her favorite book and she's even read it multiple times.

Too funny. I didn't even say anything about Dostoevsky anywhere.

It's like, "Please approve of me Super Smart Daddy, please, please, please, I just said those others things because I'm so so afraid but please approve of me and think I'm smart because I so so so scared I'm not."


Never take the bait of the unstable, angry, and insecure. And remember that they are engaged anyway in the act of devouring themselves. They always are. What they show you is just a part of that process. It doesn't actually have anything to do with you, save that you have what they wish they did as a person. Or what they're ashamed they don't have. Or what they don't have that makes them feel worse about themselves.

And I am the least elitist person there has ever been. I am as real as it gets. The self-loathing and the insecure and the toxic and the passive aggressive are always this way with people they know are smarter than they are. It's the publishing type. I deal with it all the time.


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