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Ideas, Buzzcocks, late night green tea, sex on cars, issue

Friday 2/16/24

Came up with another Beatles idea, plus something on the Rolling Stones, and I should write an Eric Dolphy piece and an op-ed for leap year.

Downloaded a lot of Buzzcocks material: Peel sessions, a recording of a 1976 gig made by some guy who stepped forward in a comments section to say he'd been responsible for the tape and had parted with it at some point, a 1977 Roxy set, and a hometown Manchester gig from 1978.

I drank like two liters of iced green tea in the middle of the night, which probably wasn't smart. Healthy, yes, but bad timing.

There was a light dusting of snow--the kind of dusting where there's only snow on the cars after and not the street--and some talented meatheads coming home from the bars drew gargantuan cocks and naked, large-breasted women all of over quite a number of cars outside my door. Some effort was involved. Several of these car women are perched atop these cocks as if riding them, but it looks more like they're using them for inconvenient chairs. The cocks predictably resemble helmeted torpedoes and in several cases are larger than the women atop them. Then again, Mark Warren did say I'm not even the most talented artist on my block. Perhaps if there'd also been a depiction of a simple, toxic, rage-ridden man alongside the cocks--and with a forehead suggestive of the rim of a cock--he'd have tried to make inquiries about buying this fine art work.

If I take something I wrote and put it up on Facebook in quotes, people will hit the like button because they think it's this famous thing from some famous work they should know. But if I take those same words and say they're from such and such by me, and include the link, not a single soul will hit that like button because it's to credit greatness and someone not on their level.

Everything comes back to this issue, really. There are many issues, of course. So many. But greatness is a massive problem. Ironically--though I don't think it's ironic, given how I know things work--mediocrity is not a problem. Plus, everyone is scared of me. Not because I'm cruel. Clearly I'm the opposite. Which is another reason they're intimidated. But it's totally different level guy to them. So they're just going to sit everything out, stay quiet, and/or stay away.

Everything a person does says something about them and what they're up to. Everything they do or don't do, everything they say and how they say it, every word. And I always know. People give themselves away constantly. Or show themselves, if you prefer.


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