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"Idra": Done

Monday 3/4/24

"Idra" is now done. It's a major work. They are all equally major works, but I'm saying it about this one. I still have to be able to say things even if each of these works gets to the same level.

The final alteration was changing what had been the word "dark" to "deep." Makes a lot of difference.

His hair dripped with sweat, but it wasn’t from movement, and what I assumed instead was the exertion of survival. Of what we call not giving up the ghost. He was clearly aflame with fever, but his eyes were unclouded and light. I do not mean that they were light in color, for they were as deep of pigment as agates. I mean that it was as if they were a source of light.

“Friend,” I said—but in a low voice, lest there be any soldiers lurking, or some old man or simple woman to pass the word to them that my sympathies were considerable—“we are here with you.”


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