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In professional sports, it's the "usually" that matters

Monday 10/30/23

Whenever I see anyone talking about Mac Jones, I end up laughing, because it really does seem like I'm the only person--and this goes back years--who can see what this guy is and why he will never be successful as an NFL starting quarterback. Can people really not tell anything? Like, if they go outside and it's raining, do they even know it is, or would someone else have to inform them?

Was listening to Michael Holley--clueless and shtick-driven (as when he does his high-pitched "preach it" voice)--and Ted Johnson--meathead--after the Patriots lost again, and Jones was dismal, again, for the usual reasons, again, saying his arm strength is fine.

You think so, do you? Look at those stats: 19 for 29, for 161 yards.

We see what we usually see--very few yards for the number of completions, because the guy can't throw the ball down the field and he's dumping it off seven feet in front of him or throwing it sideways, but not very far sideways.

See the interception? Classic Mac Jones pop-up. The ball is supposed to be on a line, but you can count, "One-Mississippi, two-Mississippi" as the pass leisurely sojourns through the air, la-de-da.

When I see a Mac Jones floater, I feel like asking the ball, "Can I get you anything? Would you like a refill? Or just the check?" Because that pass is simply hanging out.

Then Holley and Johnson are like, "Tom Brady didn't have a great arm!"

Is anyone good at their job?

Brady threw rockets all over the field. Brady had one of the two or three greatest arms ever. Brady, at age forty-two or whatever, made a point of showing everyone with that little device gadget, how many miles per hour he was throwing the football as he worked out on a beach. You think he's doing that if the velocity wasn't impressive?

And something, happened, too, with Brady from 2001 to 2002: he got a lot stronger. He was good in 2001. Throwing the ball through the snow against the Raiders. Throwing on every damn down, cutting through that muck and weather. Then rockets from 2002 until the end.

Jones is so bad. And you know what? How he played against Miami was pretty much how he played against Buffalo the week before. Sometimes it will work out. But usually it will not. And in professional sports, it's the "usually" that matters.


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