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In the land of the Zulu

Saturday 3/5/22

Stripped to the waist in the cold--left the beanie on to soak up the sweat--for concomitant hardening and to remind myself there is no giving in here, and ran 10,000 stairs this morning. Also came up with a big idea, and I will have an entirely new book within the next week. No idea for the book several hours ago, and will have the full book anon. Worked on "The Hornet" in my head. All of this happened on the stairs. This is what is going to do it. This is what will beat these bigots. Every single line, every single story, every single piece, every single entry in this journal, every book, every last stair you run, everything you do to keep going every single day, and all of the matchless art you make every day of your life. This is what is going to make you win. It's this. All of this. Have faith.

Went to Haymarket. Got raspberries, strawberries, peppers all for my heart, and also plums. It's noon. All showered in the lukewarm water. To the cafe to work.

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