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Tuesday 10/3/23


I wanted to clear up a matter regarding Letter ID ()

I’d been unable to access my mail for a brief period, but upon receipt of your notice on Sunday 9/24, I called the number that was provided the next morning.

During the resulting conversation I detailed the error that had been made—which was not my error—and was told that it would be fine and to simply restate the matter to you in this letter.

The issue stems from an error made by The Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones in misreporting my 2019 income with them (to the government; not to me) in 2020.

I know this for a number of reasons, not the least of which is because I have been through this already with the IRS before the matter was resolved, as you’ll see from the enclosed photocopy of the relevant notice indicating as much from them.

The Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones sent me a W-9 form that correctly recorded my income with them for 2019 as being (). They then sent the government information that added two zeroes, and () became (). Hence, the issue.

This became a great inconvenience to me before finally being resolved with the IRS, and I thought that was the end of the matter, until seeing that this same error was passed down to you, or gotten from the IRS’s earlier, uncorrected records, or whatever it may have been.

But that’s exactly what the issue is.

Hopefully this takes care of whatever you might need from me—I was told during that aforementioned phone call that it would.


Colin Fleming


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