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Wednesday 11/13/19

Can you imagine writing something this bad? This is what gets published. How diseased does a community, an industry, have to be to put something like this forward? To support writing like this? It's not atypical. It's what you see. With regularity. I am giving you but one example from what I have seen today. I could have picked fifty others. The author boasted that they had invented a new form of fiction called "philo fiction." Whatever that means. How twisted and backwards is this industry? Anyone enjoy this? Yes? Want to get a book of it for a Christmas stocking stuffer? Think people would like it? You'd get some effusive thank you notes? This is the whole "story." And want to see some comparisons for what they will not let you see, when it is the most obvious thing in the world what it is? Stick around for the next few posts. Let's make the point as explicitly as possible, by way of juxtaposition and comparison. But here you go. Look at this.

"Monkey mind fragmentation: when part of me feels, and the other part thinks, and decisionmaking paralysis causes me to plummet. I regroup, clear my mind, breathe, and choose Curtain A. Whatever realm of possibility lived behind curtain B perishes. But, can I truly release my attachment to what-might-have-been-had-I-chosen-differently? All the symptoms of monkey mind manifest now. Curtain A opens, and I’m pulled over the threshold. Reluctant or enthusiastic, my attitude makes the the difference. I regroup, clear my mind, breathe, and march forward into the next scene with the next cast, the next array of risks, and the next abundance of rewards. All certainty is an illusion, for it can change on a dime. Why, then, would I attach my heart to any outcome?"

This is publishing in 2019. That is why no one reads.

What this industry is almost entirely about is people bereft of talent wishing to feel no threats to the illusions upon which they have constructed their falsified identities, while they live in a fantasy world, a fantasy commune, where they are all tasked with lying to each other, lying to themselves, so that they can feel that this is their thing, their talent, when there is no talent here.

There's toxicity, pretense, sickness, bigotry, fear, envy. And if you come along, and you posses talent, you possess more than all of them added together, if you can do in five minutes what none of them could do in 500 years, they will do everything they can to make sure you are suppressed, not backed, supported, awarded, reviewed, followed, anything.

These people have absolutely no interest in connecting with you, the reader, the person out there in the world, the actual world, not this incestuous hothouse. This is for them. So they can tell themselves lies that they need to have go unchallenged. They want you to see their work only insofar as you feed lies to lies, for their purposes of filling the void. It's not about adding to your life, reaching you, entertaining you, making you laugh, moving you, inspiring you, teaching you, enhancing your joy, giving you a reason to keep living if you are struggling. All of it is for their personal nullity pits, so they can keep shoveling in what they need to shovel in so as not to see the bottom.

But maybe I'm wrong--maybe you loved the above. Maybe you think it's awesome. Maybe you want to read 9000 more things like that. Right? Come on. There is no one who wants to read that. And anyone who looks at it for two seconds knows it.

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