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Inside scarf people

Thursday 2/27/20

Note to self: No good can come of trying to do business with someone so foppish, so pretentious, so clownish, that they wear a little indoor scarf. Not the scarf over their jacket they have yet to take off. But rather a scarf that goes above their shirt, wraps around the neck a few times, drapes "poetically." Many "creative writers" favor the indoor scarf. The only way anything can work with such a person is when you have all of the leverage, and it's more like dictating terms. Coming to such a person without that being the case, and not being the kind of person who does not wear a little indoor scarf, results in as much a chance of success as leaping from a cliff and wildly flapping arms in hopes of flying to Neptune before the afternoon is out. There are probably exceptions. But as a general rule, this holds true.


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