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Intellect and brilliance

Tuesday 1/14/20

There is a blog out of Worcester called Turtle Boy Sports, which is a silly name for a site that wishes to be taken seriously at what it does. I would say the intention of the blog--and they have done real work, including illuminating major-level corruption in the Massachusetts state police--is exposing hypocrisy. On the Left, on the Right, they don't really care. It's not a politically-slanted blog. But given that at present there is a much higher level of hypocrisy on the Left, Turtle Blog Sports, by lazy people at media outlets with no interest in news but pushing a narrative, will get termed alt-Right. Which is simply inaccurate. They'd go after Count Chocula if he did something wildly hypocritical.

I will look at the blog from time to time, and it strikes me as a wasted opportunity. It could do with a better name--again, if you want to be taken seriously in non-local places that might cite you and don't know the ins and outs of local lore (there's a so-called Turtle Boy fountain in Worcester)--and a smart, professional tone. Can still be conversational. Some actual proofreading, too. But any time someone's kids are mentioned, they are referred to as "crotch fruits," which is juvenile and was not funny one time, let alone 16,000 times. Make it smart, witty, better name, and it could be a force. Amazingly, there isn't a place that is really good at exposing injustice and hypocrisy without an agenda. Doing it as actual, unfettered truth.

They posted this blog the other day, in which a couple members of The Squad go to this prison where there was a riot, and quite a few murderers, rapists, child molesters beat the tar out of some COs. I was reading how one guy was having facial reconstruction surgery. There is video. I don't watch videos like this, because I don't need to see violence on film to understand what violence is. For instance, when David Ortiz was shot, I found it disturbing how many people wanted to see that video and did. I think there are better things to do with any part of your day than watch someone get shot.

Turtle Boy has good sources, and in this case, one of the COs wrote him a letter, which documents a truly amazing--in a depressing, sick way--encounter with Ayanna Pressley and her subsequent post saying she was sad she could not take these men home with her, and that we need their intellect and their brilliance.

This was not about the COs who were nearly murdered--nah, that's cool--this was about wanting to take home rapists, murderers, child molesters and being sad a merry carpool was not immediately organized. How do you think that would go? Do you think you'd be off to the symphony for some Mahler? What world do people like this live in? You would stand a good chance of being hog-tied, thrown in a trunk, and deposited in the woods after your throat was slit. But these people are brilliant? We need their brilliance? We need their intellect? Their intellect and brilliance. For what? Molecular engineering? Jean Vigo-level works of cinema? She wants to take them home and is sad she cannot. So, if she has a daughter, daughter goes into the prison for a visit, gets to take out several of the rapists, murders, child molesters, and tells mom she's taking them home--that's quite the party--mom would be like, "cool, that's awesome, do as much of that as you can, I am sure it will be fine, likely inspiriting, and doubtless super safe."

Same people who just tried to kill people. On the video I did not watch. Caved in a man's cheeks.

And this is not really relevant, save that I need a photo for this post, and snapping turtles are one of my favorite animals so I will use a photo of one.


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