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Is this the greatest rock and roll song ever written? ("whoo!!!!!!")

Tuesday 11/23/21

It's one of them. I think that is enough to know. It takes all of one second--maybe less than a second--to know that the Flamin' Groovies' 1976 recording of "Shake Some Action" will be masterful. Go ahead, listen. See? You can tell in one second that this is special. The song has extra significance for me, as the anthem, of sorts, during this period. When I am at the desk, at four in the morning, in nothing but my boxers and my Vaccines beanie--so that I can feel the cold to wake me up more, and make me sharp, and remind me that I am here to fight and never give in--and I am about to make the art, it is the likes of this which will frequently be playing. By the way: some big things are about to happen. Things my enemies will not enjoy. You'll see. Also, the greatest "whoo!" in human history occurs at 2:15. That word, in this context, is an entire world to me. It's the sound of someone who is going to win.

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