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Tuesday 3/8/22

I have a friend who is a contractor.

C: I see that a bunch of contractors are murdering people lately.

Contractor: Yeah, just happened down here.

C: It's becoming popular among your crowd.

Contractor: I guess so. The woman whose house I'm working at now won't let my guys inside with her. Not even to use the bathroom. She took away the port-o-potty, too. I said, "Where are we supposed to piss?" She said to go in the woods.

C: That's the verb you used?

Contractor: What?

C: Piss.

Contractor: I think so. Why?

C: I don't know. It's just kind of unprofessional. Uncouth.

Contractor: I'm pretty sure I said piss. I can't be having the guys pissing in the woods and then they see me coming into the nice warm house to use the bathroom.

C: There's a lot going on in your world.

Contractor: I'm multi-tasking right now. I'm walking on joists.

C: Well, don't piss on them, I guess.


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