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Late night communiqués

Monday 5/17/21

This is very depressing. Texts come in in the middle of the night when I am asleep from people out there reading my work. I see them in the morning. For instance, today I awoke to see these communiqués about "Eyejaculator."

Person to C: Eyejaculator is big time amazing

PtC: Super hero for today

Ptc: Venues should be fighting over it

PtC: Bidding war

PtC: This piece should have you on every major news network

PtC: If this was the only one you came up with in the past 20 years it should be enough to make you

PtC: Strong as it gets, funny as it gets

PtC: It points out major truths too

PtC: This would really get people thinking about themselves

To which I get to respond:

C: Even if I wasn't blackballed, it's too new, dynamic, for almost everyone in publishing who are just looking for the same kind of shit from the same kind of "right" person. Everything about it is so different. In its way, it's as timely and strong as "Fitty." I beg these people about it. As well as with "Fitty." That's what I do. That's what I spend a weekend doing. It's more important to hate and shun me, than to make a major wave and some history. Thanks for taking the time to read it.


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