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Lean green

Monday 3/18/24

Woke up with slight headache this morning, the kind that passes quickly. Improvement? I applied some essential oil--lavender--last night (under the nose) and that seems to help.

I'm worried I have the apnea. I cannot have the apnea in addition to every other bad thing right now. I've been entirely alone for nine years, so it's not like I can ask the hot woman who isn't next to me if I'm creating some kind of snoring cacophony. I don't wake up with a start or gasping for breath, but I feel like I do wake up a lot. Then again, the mattress is warped, everything is uncomfortable, I have all of my stress, and I tend to drink a lot of water later in the day.

My mother texted me to say what she'd done yesterday, which was a big day for her. Part of it included going to my nephew's basketball game. They won and he scored 10 of the 24 points. Things didn't go as well with his travel team game the day before, when they lost 55-11 to a team from Chicago. (These scores are usually reported in this very precise fashion to me, for some reason, which I think starts with the boy himself.) Both experiences seem to me to be good ones--doing well and being a big contributor and also getting crushed. Take a lesson from each.

My mom is on the go a lot, which is good.

I continue on with my new dietary approach. As one would imagine, it's very unexciting and bland.

I saw that BC made the NIT. Some progress for the program. The way the few diehards--no one really cares much about BC sports--on this one message board have been talking about it you'd think they had no chance. People are pretty negative with these things.

Started watching this Patriots docu-series but had to stop because almost everything about it was pissing me off and I needed to go to bed but I'll try and see all of it.

My bad with saying that the NBA should have scheduled yesterday's St. Patrick's Day game for the Celtics at the Garden instead of as an away contest. The high school hockey championship games were held there throughout the day, which is even better for St. Patrick's Day. I should have gone but for some reason this date has slipped my mind the past few years.

Do you know what the best tea is for you? I read an article that said it's black. I lean green. Seems that I've seen a number of interviews with 102-year-old Asians who mention having drank a lot of green tea. For blood pressure, hibiscus seems best. But overall supposedly it's black.


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