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Long one

Saturday 11/12/22

* Been working for twenty-four straight hours now.

* Pitched something on T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Land" for December.

* Pitched something on Chuck Berry.

* Worked more tonight on "A BETTER MAN THAN YOU." As I said to a friend in a letter, it's "Fitty"-level good. About 3700 words now. It could fit nicely in Become Your Own Super Hero: Modern Fiction in Select Simple Stories. The stories in that volume have a flavor of now. The events of our world. The mores. But they also go beyond all of that. I will not write a book that will be dated 500 years from now. I write human books. "Eyejaculator" is in this, "Six Feet Away."

* "The Silence" episode of The Twilight Zone is on. I like when the older guy gives his reasons for the best, and he's like, "I don't like you, I can't stand you, I'm so sick of your voice." It's kind of funny at first, then it's horrible when you see the look on the other guy's face. The humiliation.

* For a lawyer, Perry Mason really gets around.

* Been thinking about a sci-fi novel I'm going to do.

* I would also like to do an essay on Winslow Homer--perhaps his final finished painting. That goes along with an idea I have for a book--that final works of great artists. Across many mediums. Poets, filmmakers, blues singers. Think of Bill Evans in 1980. The final poems of Keats. Fitzgerald's Last Tycoon. There's a rich heroism in Homer's final canvas, which is called Driftwood.

* I didn't run stairs yesterday.

* There's an exhibit of Edward Hopper watercolors coming to the Cape Ann Museum next summer. I will pitch that.

* Had to make two quick requested changes to a piece on "Creep." Did that while dealing with incompetent Globe woman.

* Downloaded a Captain Beefheart bootleg. These are the band's 1968 BBC sides. What a unit. These guys could really play. Fascinating sessions.


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